9 Cleaning Tips

9 Cleaning Tips

With extreme temperature changes, the cars can be exposed to a lot of wear and tear. It can be essential to bring back the car to its former glory with a thorough cleaning.

Here are a few of the most popular 9 cleaning tips for your car:

  1. Get rid of interior debris:

Make sure you go through the trunk of the vehicle and the interior to get rid of the debris. Open the center console, inspect the glove box and inspect the in-door storage compartments.

  1. Vacuum:

The dust and dirt have been piling up forever, and hence you must use a vacuum cleaner to clean it.

  1. Clean the mats:

When you have rubber mats, you must turn the nozzle while hosing them down. Keep moving back and forth in a sweeping motion. At the same time, you also must add a drop of the cleaning solution and scrub using a brush. It is essential to spray clean using a hose and let it dry on its own.

  1. Get the rubber replaced:

The rubber might have become brittle, which needs to be replaced. This is similar for your wiper blades which need to be replaced once spring sets in.

  1. Perform a lube job:

The new cars do not need lubrication to regulate the proper functioning of suspension and steering system when the manufacturer parts have been replaced well.

  1. Wash and get the car waxed:

You must spray down the car and clean it using a car cleaning solution. Clean it from top to bottom with the help of a mutt or sponge; clean the car. Do not forget to pay special attention to the wheels.

  1. Clean the tires:

You can make use of a car cleaning solution to clean the wheels and the tires.

  1. Get the windows and glass surfaces cleaned:

Make use of a glass cleaner and towels to clean the windows well. You can use an aerosol solution to offer a concentrated solution.

  1. Complete the work:

Finish the work by seeking a damp rag while wiping the entranceway of each door. Wipe the car with a dry clean towel to ensure a shining car.


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