Bad credit?

Nobody has perfect credit. We understand that and we also know that having bad credit is something you can eventually fix. You have your reasons and no matter what they are, our credit approval experts can help you get a car and start repairing your credit score. It doesn’t matter if it was because of late payments, collection notices or even a bankruptcy. Our credit experts at Hoover Toyota have seen it all and are ready to assist you with our special out loan solutions. We work with a network of lenders that offer special lending programs to buyers just like you with less than perfect credit. So when you’re in the market for a used 4Runner, you can find a lending program that works for you.

We want to see you on the road in one of our cars but most importantly, we want to see you on the road to recovery with your credit. Give us the chance to help you.

Things you will need:

Valid Driver’s License

Proof of Residence

Proof of Income

Resident of U.S.

Gross monthly income of $1,500

Valid driver’s license

Down payment

There are several reasons for a down payment. First, it lowers your monthly payment. Second, it reduces the total financing you are asking for which increases your chances of approval. Third, it reflects a more personal commitment to the bank that you are interested in actually achieving this loan. Fourth, it could improve the quality of the vehicle you are eligible to finance by improving the loan approval amount. Etc..

You might also consider getting a cosigner with good credit on the loan as well to help improve the credit worthiness of your application. Not always necessary but often helpful.

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